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Hello from London

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#1 carkichi


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Posted 28 January 2007 - 05:58 PM


I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. I got into fancy pleco about 14 years ago and it was Gold Nugget that started the "fever" and that was when zebra pleco was selling at a very expensive price of around $50.00. Then I stayed away from actively collecting them for about ~five years now. Recently I got interseted in L046 again found that they are very hard to get but can be had for a lot more expensive than it was five years ago. Can anyone bring me up to speed of what happened? Hopefully I can get a few from Kyle. I still have the following pleco:

L024- Redfin-Cactus-Cat
L056- King Tiger
L075 Para pleco
L091 Triactis
L102 Snowball
L114 Red tail Leopard
L018 or L177
xingu Royal Pleco
Clown Pleco ~ 13 years old.
and a few more that are not in my Aqualog book I bought in 1996. outdated??!!

I have thank the site creator for this web page and Plecofanatic for provide essential/interesting informations on these lovely creatures.

Beside Pleco, I also keep a variety of rainbow fishes, gold face compressiceps, "Mimpimbe' Frontosa", tetras, Dennison Barbs , black Ruby bards, clown loaches.....

thanks:) :)


#2 Zoban


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Posted 28 January 2007 - 07:07 PM

5 years ago the export of wild caught L46 was still an option. In January of 2005 the export was banned by the Brazil Government. Thus the only option is either illegally smuggled Zebras or those that are breed in captivity. The breeding in captivity has been done quite well at this point but the Zebra is no Ancistrus either in ease of breeding or in spawn sizes, thus the price has escalated.

Hope all that made sence, and Welcome to CP good to have ya here.

For those ya haven't id'd yet maybe post a pic and someone will be able to tag it for ya.

#3 Wheresmypleco


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Posted 29 January 2007 - 01:05 AM

$175 for a 3/4" zebra sounds pretty good, or maybe I am off my rocker. It would be nice to see a few local breeders (not just keepers) have success and increase the supply of these lovely plecos to the trade.

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