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Pseudacanthicus spinosus L160/L96

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Posted 25 October 2009 - 02:01 AM

After two years of keeping solely spinosus (L160/L96), my spinosus managed to spawn. I would say it was just by chance and it would be a wonderful gift I ever received.

It all happens when I send my fishes to Aquarama for a week, and the cave that was occupied by one of them became vacant. This gave a chance for my Alpha Male to grab his opportunity to trap one of the females inside. The trapping was not consistent as how hypancistrus trap their mate for a few days. At most they were both inside the cave for 1-2 days before the female would escape. This Alpha Male had been sexually active with his ex-girlfriend but no success. Possibly due to the large number of occupants in the same 5ft tank.

31st May 2009:
Today is the day when I brought my 2 fishes back from Aquarama. Once I introduce them back to the tank, they seems so lost and others seems to have forgotten who they are.
The Alpha Dad who is trapping in the cave, came out to welcome them with a fight. They seems to be fighting for their territory again. It’s not just a one on one, but a gang fight of 4 adults males.
Fearing that my Alpha will get hurt and that might affect his trapping activities, I transferred him with his current mate and his ex-girlfriend into a 3ft IOS tank, using back the same cave that he occupies in my 5ft, making it a trio, 1M2F.
As I felt that the temperature is slightly higher in my 3ft tank, I placed a bag of ice cubes inside my tank to bring the temperature down.

1st June 2009:

In the morning, I have no time to check them out before I rushed for work. I assume that they will be fine and continue their daily activities. However at night, I received a call to rush home. I found a huge bunch of eggs in my tank, just right outside the cave.

2nd June 2009: Day 01
Some casualties found in the hatchery. Bad ones are turning from clear-transparent to mustard-colour. I had to use a pipette to remove those bad ones.

4th June 2009: Day 03
Due to some issues, the air stone fail to provide enough aeration to the hatchery. I estimated that more than half of eggs turn opaque. I decided to salvage the good ones into a small container instead of clearing away those bad ones. Those with their yolk burst, makes the hatchery so disgusting in sight.

8th June 2009: Day 07
No casualty so far, still remains at 17 wrigglers. Not only their eyes and mouth are developed, I can notice their pectoral, dorsal and ventral fins are forming up.

11th June 2009: Day 10
This evening, things went bad. 2 of my wrigglers turn bad. When i found it,they were already as white as a silverfish. Did a headcount and i have only left with 14 of them. I think that if it was not my duty, rather than the DAD's, the survival rate will be much higher compare to this balance 14 out of the 200++ eggs in Day 01.

I do hope that i would have at least 10 fries left for me for this spawn.

Some updates again @ Day 45

I still have a balance of 5 babies since the last update. They should have grown slightly bigger than last time. Took them out for a photography session, and well, they are 2cm to be exact.


Some Updates @ Day 60:

No casualty so far. 5 still remains.
However, since the last post, their length still remains the same at 2cm. I was hoping for it to reach 2.5cm, 1 inch. Yet, so far not much progress.

On the other hand, the parents seems to have their factory stop working. Although now the mum seems ready with her round tummy, there are no actions from the both of them.

Dad seems to be contents with the environment that he seems can't be bothered caving. He is always spotted at the side of the cave and mum is always at the other side of the cave.
They seems to have "divorce" after their 1st spawn. I was told that an average waiting time for the next spawn, would be a month later. Now, it's already two..something seems not right. Mum seems reluctant to get close to the Dad and she seems avoiding him, from his line of sight.

Is she not ready or the problem lies with the Dad?

Last week, i introduce his ex-girlfriend into their life. Dad is very interested, so do the Mum. She kept picking on her and they have a serious catfight. She might be telling her that: Hey, get out of our life."
Dad seems too actively trying to trap her, but with his wife around, she does not seems interested to take any chance.

My intention was to trigger the Mum to be active again, after all they were there on the 1st night before the mum spawn. But it seems that, this don't work at all. Seeing the ex-girlfriend suffering from quite a fair bit of torns and scratch, I decided to move her out.


Updates @ Day 75

Exactly a month ago, at Day 45, all were at 2cm TL when i took them for a photography session. Today, 3 of them reach 2.5cm TL (1inch) since birth. However, the remaining 2 seems to be stuck at 2 cm or 2.25cm. These growth rate are extremely slower than the trio.

Furthermore, at close range, i will noticed that their body markings have somehow developed and they are irregular with one another. None of the 5 pieces looks the same to one another.

I'm hoping they remains different with one another as days comes. In the meanwhile,the parents does not have any action going on. The female has her stomach round again, however, the male does not seems ready to cave. He is always at the other side of the cave. Sometimes, it does occupy the cave for a few moments, but most of the time, he will be spotted apart from the female


Updates @ Day 141

It have been a while since i last update.
I have transferred the "famous 5" into a much bigger tank. They have grow noticeably and the colour have no doubt shows up much brighter.

My batch 2 came three months later after them from the same parents and they are all doing well together inside. There are some irregularities in the sizing for this batch, however, from the previous batch, they will catch up on the size differences.

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Written by: chilicrabz
Photos by: chilicrabz

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