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Clown Pleco ( P. maccus ) info

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 02:16 AM

Panaque maccus also called Clown Pleco and Ringlet Pleco.
L-Numbers: L104, L162, LDA22
Size: around 100mm (3.9")
Water temp: 73.4 - 82.4°F/23.0 - 28.0°C My water temp is at 27C.
pH: 6 – 7.6. My pH is at 7, although some say they are adaptable lower than pH 6.

These are small sized Loricariidae that eat wood. The tank should have some wood in there, preferably some different driftwood/bogwoods.

I also give them some greens (cucumber, zucchini/courgette, and squash) twice a week. You can also try 3 times a week. I have also given them algae wafers that they do seem to like, as well as frozen bloodworms.

Tank set-up:
These P.Maccus like good current, so a river set-up should be great, or add an extra powerhead if you don't have too much current/water flow in your tank. Some who keep them say they do fine in tanks with less current.

They can live in a 15 – 20USG (56 – 75 liter) tank with no problem as long as you give him what he needs. In such a small tank, small tetras or hatchetfish make good tankmates for P.maccus. Fine gravel or sand are good substrates for this pleco.

Well, so far I haven’t tried it yet, but do plan to do that in the near future. To trigger spawning, do some frequent water changes of about 15 – 25% every day, dropping the temperature to 70F. After 3 – 5 days of these water changes, increase the temperature in the tank by turning on your heater. If that didn’t work (not breeding), then you should repeat the method above until you succeed!

You need a good filtration system since these Clown Plecos produce a lot of waste due to their diet of wood.

Used with permission of the author.


More information and discussion points taken from the thread:

Originally Posted by garfieldnfish Posted Image
Unless you want to breed them you won't need a power head. According to PC they are only found among the wood tangles on the side of the river, never in the middle where the current would be higher. Makes me think they don't like current that much. I have kept mine in a pond like setting with dwarf frogs and they like it. I found that in addition to wood, wood and wood, they like ripe mangos. I remeber reading somewhere that those fruits grow along the river banks where the originate from and sometimes fall in the river. I can't verify that, never been there, but my clowns love mango.

Originally Posted by Bigpig Posted Image
My girlfriend recently saw some L104s in lfs, and really likes them.
We are considering putting 2 or 3 into our new 160 litre tank.(which will definately be housing some bristlenose).
I am trying to find out how shy they are, as with this smallish tank, I can't really afford to allocate space to a species that I never see.
I mentioned this in another post/thread, so sorry of you are hearing it again. I'm just trying to gather as much info as poss before buying anything.

Originally Posted by garfieldnfish Posted Image
Mine are not shy. They are in a 15 gal with a juvenile BN and 4 panda corys. I see them all the time. Especially the female. The male is usually hanging around the cave or inside of it but the female is always out and about. Usually "sleeps" among a few bamboo plants, even though she could have her own piece of driftwood, there are enough of them in the tank. Beside rubberlip plecos (those keep your tank spotless) my favorite pleco.
They get along fine with BNs.

Originally Posted by Playfulpleco Posted Image
Mine hide a lot. I almost never see all four. Every once in a while, I'll take out all of the hidey places to do a headcount because that's the only way I know they are still alive. Sometimes all of them are hiding.
Generally I find them hanging under-neth the driftwood so their attraction to driftwood is well founded.

I would say if you go as small as 10-15, then you should only keep one because they do fight and possibly avoid keeping them with other plecos in such small tanks.

Little tidbit: When removed from the water, they'll make a barely audible high pitched chirping sound.

Originally Posted by Bigpig Posted Image
I am having a visit to my lfs today to get some supplies. I might buy a couple of these wee fellas if they still have them in.
It seems that some are shy, and some are not. Perhaps anyone who is keeping this species could let us know a bit more information. I.E are your P. Maccus shy or not. ( I expect we will all have different views on what shy actually means, so for sake of clarity perhaps;
VERY SHY- never seen unless decor is moved.
SLIGHTLY SHY- sometimes seen.
SHY- always seen when food is available.
NOT SHY- can be seen most of the time.

Also any info on the decor of your tank may help.
For example I have some Sparkling Gouramis, and when their tank has floating plants covering more that about a third of the water surface, they can be seen all the time. Less than about a third cover, and they just hide amongst the plants only coming out when being fed. No surface cover at all, and they dont even appear when being fed.
Perhaps, with enough info, we can work out what makes P.Maccus feel comfortable enough to be on show.

Originally Posted by ljd290 Posted Image
Clown plecs like yams/sweet potato. A good veggie to get your new clown plec started on.

Originally Posted by Playfulpleco Posted Image
I wonder if live plants will do it for clown plecos?. I don't have any live plants in my pleco tank. It makes all of the difference for my kuhli loaches here in the apartment tank, which is heavily planted.

I have many hiding places for my plecos and mine would fall under slightly shy.
Along with sometimes being seen in the open, sometimes they like notice me and flee into a hiding place.

Originally Posted by Rob1619 Posted Image
I belive live plants will be ok with clown plecs!
I will add some plants in my tank later on like Anubias,onion plants and moss.

Originally Posted by ljd290 Posted Image
plants like anubias,javafern and moss(on wood) do pretty well in tanks that aren't plant orientated for example low lighting, no co2.

all i add is seachem flourish once a week and some flourish excel when i remember.

All the above 3 plants are doing pretty well:yes:

You can buy the plants separate and attach them to wood/rocks etc yourself, works out cheaper.

Onion plants also are good for low tech planted tanks.

Originally Posted by Rob1619 Posted Image
I have 5 of them in my tank and i also have 5 pieces of wood so the Maccus isn't very shy.As long as they have plenty of hidingplaces they will come out! They are known to stay at the river banks that has roots/woods and not to bright light from the sun.Their colors and stripes makes them very well camuflaged.

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