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Very Deep Pockets

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#1 Altum Nut

Altum Nut

    Pleco Fry

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Posted 06 May 2019 - 09:04 PM

There is a guy just a hobbyist on Simply Discus Forum who just keep buying and buying and buying.

Besides the 10's of thousands on Wild Discus just recently here is his latest list of Plecos and other...

Can't imagine the price tag on this order...

He would have added a group of L236 but he said they were to expensive.


Updated order, 7 more species, 4 more tanks

1x 400L
6x 240L
2x 200L
3x 125L
2x 80L

L046 x11 Hypancistrus
L066 x10 Hypancistrus
L136a x10 Hypancistrus
L201 x10 Hypancistrus
L270 x2 Hypancistrus
L333 x9 Hypancistrus
L006 x10 Peckoltia
L124 x2 Peckoltia
L127 x10 Peckoltia
L134 x10 Peckoltia
L135 x10 Peckoltia
L202 x10 Peckoltia
L205 x10 Peckoltia
L305 x9 Peckoltia
L387 x10 Peckoltia
L204 x10 Panaqolus
LDA067 x20 Panaqolus
L239 x13 Baryancistrus
L052 x20 Zonancistrus
Parancistrus aurantiacus x6
L263 x6 Leporacanthicus
L106 x10 Hemiancistrus
L128 x4 Hemiancinstrus
L354 x10 Oligancistrus
L034 x10 Ancistrus
CW028 x18
CW045 x18
Loricaria sp Atabapo x6
Spatuloricaria caquetae x4
Pseudohemiodon laticeps x2
Pterosturisoma microps x2
Planoloricaria cryptodon x2
Nanay Diskus x35

#2 Bwhiskered


    CP Donator

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Posted 08 May 2019 - 11:37 AM

That is quite a list. It could add up to $10,000 plus.

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