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Cataclysm 2017

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#1 Bwhiskered


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Posted 20 December 2016 - 01:01 AM

This is a new event to me. May be worth the trip.   Cataclysm 2017

Registration for Cataclysm 2017, hosted by the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists, is live.  This will be the second running of this catfish-themed convention.  The inaugural event took place in October of 2015, and was a lot of fun.  Several things have changed for 2017, including moving to a large, and nicer, hotel.  The logo is a link to the website, and some details follow:



  • Julian Dignal – owner of Planet Catfish and world traveler.  Julian will most likely be talking about oddball catfish and a travel log
  • Eric Bodrock – easily on of the world’s authorities on breeding fish in general, and especially Corydoras catfish
  • Jeremy Basch – quickly becoming a world authority on spawning oddball catfish, especially wood cats.  Jeremy was the first to spawn the jaguar catfish, Liasomadoras oncinus
  • Charles Meuller – a newcomer to the speaker ranks.  Charles specializes in breeder the challenging lip-brooding species such as Pseudohemiodon and Planiloricara, as well as the very challenging Pseudacanthicus plecos. 

Rare Catfish Auction:  In 2015 we had 87 lots of different uncommon to exceedingly rare catfish in our rare catfish auction, and we intend to hit 100 bags in 2017!  The rare fish auctions take place between speakers on Saturday.

Hospitality Suite:  Wisconsin = Food = Beer….  need I say more?

Banquet:  Yes… were are adding a Saturday evening banquet and speaker to the program in 2017

Sunday Auction:  The Sunday auctions will be an all-species fish and plant event, not just catfish!

Raffles/Silent Auctions:  We will again have a wide array of supplies and equipment for auction and raffle, including some tank and stand combos.

Vendors: We have doubled the amount of space we can provide to vendors, and will do our best to fill that space.  Room sales are also encouraged.

Why a ‘catfish’ event?…  There is a catfish that is applicable to any aquarium genre, from nano planted tanks to giant tank-buster tanks.  There are a lot of cichlid events every year.  There are many killifish shows every year.  At least one major livebearer convention.  A huge marine convention (and many smaller).  And even a MASSIVE all-aquarium event that is held every year.  Until Cataclysm, the aquarium hobby in the USA had one great catfish-specific event every other year (All-American Catfish Convention).  Now there is a catfish event EVERY YEAR.  

Even if you are not specifically a catfish fanatic, there is something for everyone at Cataclysm.  There will be plenty of non-catfish to buy, and plenty of buyers to sell your fish to.  The vendors are certainly not catfish specific, and neither are the donated raffle and silent auction items.  And the camaraderie at an aquarium event like Cataclysm may be the best reason of all to attend.  We hope to see you in Madison next September.  Register early!  We will have some giveaways happening over the next several months, and the longer you are registered, the greater your chances are of winning something.

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#2 CanadaPleco



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Posted 20 December 2016 - 02:53 AM

great speaker list again.


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