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Newmarket Big Als plecos in stock

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#1 Dutch


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 01:54 AM

BLOWOUT SPECIAL haha not many people will want any but come see me at the store and I will sell you any size pleco out of the koi pond for $4.99.  The plecos in there will range from 5 inch to over 2 feet.  They are mostly common plecos however.


2x W/C L262 plecos $49.99 (in stock for almost 2 years now and very very healthy, price reduced multiple times down from $89.99)

1x Chubby Pleco $24,99

1x Medusa Pleco $24.99

1x Green Phantom $39.99,

1x Large Spotted Royal Pleco $89.99

5x 3-5 inch L191 Red Eye Royals (one had super light colouration how ever was just sent as a L191)

6x L052 Butterfly Pleco

7x L333 King Tiger Pleco "belo monte" $29.99ea

100+ Rubbernose Plecos $7.99ea

100+ Clown Plecos $7.99ea

100+ Trinidad plecos $5.99ea

100+ Chocolate Albino Plecos $8.99ea

30+ Medium sized common bushynose from columbia $6.99ea

5x Panama Whiptail Catfish $24.99 (tank raised)



Panda Cory Cats (On Sale Apr 26-may 2 for $2.99ea)

Green Corys

Paleatus Corys

Skunk Corys

Gold Green Corys

Albino Anaeus Cory

Albino Paleatus Cory

Sterbai Corys

Emerald Brochis (1.5-2 inch)




Multipunctatus (wild caught)





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