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Issue's raising my BN Fry?

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#1 Splak


    Pleco Egg

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 06:25 PM

Hi all. 




My last clutch of super reds who are about 2 weeks old from hatch seem to be dying, I lose about 2-3 a day. They're last clutch of 30, I only ended up with 3, who are now an inch +....


This clutch was about 30 too, but I am now down to about 10...


I notice that if they are about to die, they swim very weird and wiggle everywhere. They also appear to be very thin and pale. I assume this is because they are not eating?

After they die, I also notice a small red like dot near the top of the stomach?



Tank set-up:


20 gal long

sponge filter

fluval plant substrate


lots of driftwood

dwarf sagatarius



5 cherry shrimp and 3 platinum halfbeaks


10% Water change every other day.


All parameter's seem to be fine:


Ammonia and NitrIte = 0

Nitrate = 10-15

PH = 8ish

GH = 8-9

KH = 5-6



They always have blanched cucumber available 

 Pea's without skin always available

High protein flake food given 2 times daily, small amounts.

1 shrimp pellet given every 2-3 days

NLS grow given in small amount for my 3 larger super reds bi-daily.


I am NOT over feeding, I feed small amounts and remove what isn't eaten in 2 hours, but I leave the veggie's till gone (takes about 2 days).


Possible causes?:


I have thought of 2 possible things.


Let me start by saying, I had a trio of albino BN, and was able to raise about 90%+ the clutch to adulthood, same thing goes for a Calico pair I received from Charlie.


So my thought is, is this some sort of genetic problem? Maybe they were bred to the point where they are just so weak during the fry stage?




Do I need to remove my driftwood? I understand it is like fiber to BN, so maybe the driftwood at a young age is causing them to lose any food they eat before the body can obsorb useful nutrients?


Any help is appreciated thanks!





#2 Bwhiskered


    CP Donator

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 11:56 PM

It is sometimes hard to know the exact problem. A PH of 8 seems rather high. That wasting that the fry can get is not all that uncommon. I don't feed cucumber or even zucchini anymore. I feed the frozen Brussels Sprouts and blanched snow peas as the pod is what is best.They also love any of the Rapashy Gel foods.


That wasting is not genetic but bacterial. You also need a hang on filter like an aquaclear to give some current. An occasional dose of 2 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide per gallon should help with the problem. The lake is turning over and the east winds also cause bacterial problems arrive at this time..

#3 Dutch


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 05:49 AM

Add an aquaclear filter and fill it with just carbon and a filter foam pad thing and then remove your half beaks, when your not near the tank hey probably swim around looking at the BN fry as food then try and eat them and decide not to after a bite, but they have small teeth that would puncture their bellies.  As soon as your even close to the tank fish like half beaks will stop their natural behaviour and think food will be coming soon.  Also dont leave the veggies in the tank they decay and cause ammonia and in turn nitrates over time just as fish food.  If you are home enough to feed many times a day then just do that in small amounts and make only put in the veggies for an hour or so in smaller amounts more spread around the tank for the fry that are slower at finding food. Also your "shrimp pellet" check the ingredients on it and make sure its actualy a decent food.  cobalt foods shrimp pellets do not contain shrimp at all yet they have chicken feathers and stuff like that in them.  Also as charlie mentioned repashy gel foods are great for plecos. 




#4 Splak


    Pleco Egg

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 09:55 PM

Thanks for the info everyone. I added the HOB like suggested and now remove veggies also after 2 hours.

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