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Development of the Long Fin Super Red Bushynose

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#1 Bwhiskered


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Posted 05 December 2013 - 09:12 PM

Here is my article which is presently in the Hamilton club bulletin.


Developing Super Red Long Fin Plecos

by Charles Drew


About five years ago I got some of  the first Super Red Bushynose Plecos available and brought them to Canada. They were bred by Dale from Fantastic Fins in Lavonia Michigan and were from German stock. They were only about five eighths of an inch long but I raised them all to young adults most of which I still have. Everyone was waiting for a Long Fin Super Red to show up on the scene but after a couple of years or more this did not happen. They now have Long Fin Super Reds in Europe but as far as I know none have reached North America as yet. Tired of the wait I decided to embark on the project of developing my own.


Everyone surmised that the best way to go was to breed a Long Fin Red Calico female to a Super Red male and I know of several American breeders that took this route assuming that the super red was developed from breeding the brown and black out of calicos. As it turned out such a spawning produced all calicos although some were lighter in colour. I on the other hand used a Long Fin Albino Female to breed to a Super Red male. I thought that even if it did not produce a Super Red it would at least enrich the colour of the albinos. Much to my surprise the resulting spawn produced all brown fry half of them with the long fins. I raised a few of them to adults and the rest went to dealers. Nearly a year later I put two females in a tank with their Super Red Father and soon had a spawning. The results were even more surprising. I got about nearly 70% brown and the other 30% was Calico as well as Super Red. About half of the spawning was long fin. The final result was only about 5% of the fry were Super Red Long Fin. But it was at least a start. I also bred a Long Fin Brown male and female together but the results were fewer Super Red but a few albinos were the result.


I have been building my stock of Long fin Super Red fry and the first six have reached breeding size. I thought that they would breed early in September [2013] but they had other ideas. I took my largest female and moved her into my 100 gallon tank as it had a very reliable male and breeding back helps set the strain. They appeared to be all set to breed with the male in the cave and the female sitting on it when I went away for a couple of days. I returned to see the male guarding eggs but they were not from the long fin but his usual short finned mate. The female long fin was nowhere to be found I searched the tank for several days without any sign of her. I even called my weekend fish feeder to see if he had removed a body. The answer was no. Another couple of days passed and I decided to check and clean the AquaClear 500 filter on the tank as it appeared to have something under the sponge. I took it to the sink and low and behold out dropped the female alive and well except for a few ragged fins. The other female must have given her a real chase to have her go up the flow and into the filter.


Meanwhile back in the fish room in a 15 gallon tank was two long fin males and three long fin females that were showing some signs of breeding activity. The one male was most aggressive but his main interest was sparing and chasing the other male and also chasing the females away. I finally decided to move one male and a female to another tank. In less than a week the aggressive male spawned with one of the females. He did a great job looking after the eggs and fourteen days after the eggs were laid the fry started to leave the cave. There looks to be at least a couple of dozen and they are all super red. After another week I could see that about half of them had the long fins of the parents.


At the time of writing a second pair has spawned so watch out for them in the spring auctions.

#2 carkichi


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Posted 06 December 2013 - 04:55 AM

Wow, awesome...thanks for sharing.

#3 Eros168


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Posted 06 December 2013 - 09:55 AM

I would love to get my hands on some. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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