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Mantis Shrimp

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#1 Dutch


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 30 November 2013 - 03:08 AM

I don't know if all of you know about mantis shrimp but some of you are bound to know some cool facts about them for sure.  I have a pet peacock mantis shrimp at work in a display tank.  His name is Death and for the first time he came right out for a picture.  Heres some cool facts about them 










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#2 CanadaPleco



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Posted 30 November 2013 - 08:07 PM

Thats pretty damn funny!   Mantis shrimp are cool, mean suckers!


Hey you got a new camera!!!!


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#3 Dutch


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 30 November 2013 - 11:38 PM

Thats pretty damn funny!   Mantis shrimp are cool, mean suckers!


Hey you got a new camera!!!!


I got a girl at work to take it on her phone then send it to me so it wasnt as shitty :'(

#4 cjerrom


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 09:50 PM

What size of tank do you keep it in and how do I get one! Does it leave corals alone? 5/8" glass or acrylic? Does it require a large protein skimmer, UV and such for a saltwater tank setup?
The must go in a plastic container for shipping? What varieties and sizes do they come in?

#5 Dutch


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 02:01 AM

They're extremely easy to take care of, and there are two types stabbers and punchers. He was found in a shipment of live rock so he was shipped in a dry box.  Theyre extremely hardy.  He lives in a fluval spec tank, and they can't actually break glass tanks thats just a myth.  But the tank has no heater, gets a 50% water change once a weak to keep minerals in the water for the coral,  He doesnt hurt the coral but he kills anything else in the fish tank so you cant keep any algae eaters in the tank.  I can order mantis shrimp but not specify the type I get, the last one I ordered sold for 19.99 and was a 10 inch zebra mantis shrimp.  The hardest part of that tank is figuring out which corals would grow under a 7000k spectrum led light with no actinics.  So far ive found Zoanthids and Mini Maxi Anemones and Mushroom corals will survive in there.  Hes an amazing super smart creature and learns that hes in a public place and has become less shy and comes and flares at people because he is so territorial.  Basically its the most simple salt water tank you can make.  Any other questions let me know.


All of that other fancy shit for salt water tanks like super efficient protein skimmers and uv sterilizers is not necessary.  I maintain TONS of marine fish corals and inverts at my store as well as run many 100+ gallon reefs at clients houses and none of them run uv sterilizers and most dont run protein skimmers.  My fish system at work doesnt even run a protein skimmer.  If you treat a salt water tank the way most of us treat out pleco tanks with large frequent water changes none of it is necessary.  Even adding buffers isnt needed.  Aquavitro's salinity salt has a guaranteed analysis of each batch of salt to make sure that it is in the perfect ranges for perfect water chemistry.  So once a week a 30-50% water change will keep your water chemistry right on track with very minimal nitrates which in turn gives you healthier fish because in the ocean the nitrates don't climb with such a large volume of water.  And theres my rant on saltwater :sad: lmao




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