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LDA-07: 114's or L600's or are they the same??

l114 l600

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#1 cjerrom


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 12:09 AM

Here is an exerpt from one of the Brazillian Exporters from an earlier conversation about is the LDA07 an L114?

An assumption that many may believe that they are labelled as an LDA07 to get them out of the country which I would think that as responsible aquarists we would always be above board.

We should never assume that these exporters are third world slum lords that will do anything for a dollar, on the contrary many of these exporters have to adhere to rigid standards set forth by thier gov't agencies. It is also why we should use reputable suppliers and clear our fish through the proper channels to ensure that we follow the rules no matter what fish is on our bucket list.

Here is my exporter's response to being asked if they mislabelled the LDA07's:

You can ask your client if he recognize my name, Jan Ekström, if he do he will certainly believe that the fish we ship and the fish you sell are correct species.
LDA07 is very easily distinguish from L114 since L114 has a higher body profile and spots on the head and nose, to distinguish from L600 is more tricky since that L-number origin from Guyana and Rupununi system, I doubt there are any of these in the hobby at all, maybe some person that have been there on a trip have brought some back like Ingo Seidel. LDA07 is from the other side of the border in Roraima, Brazil and Rio Branco upper systems. Rupununi and Branco systems has connections under the rain season some years, not all years but when there are a lot of rain... Rio Takatu is a small river on the border to Guyana, this river flows to Branco, between upper part of Rupununi and Takatu is a large savanna and the terrain is plane, this will be a big lake between these 2 rivers. Conclusion, LDA07 and L600 is probably the same specie but I have not yet seen the Pseudacanthicus leopardus from Rupununi so I'm not 100% sure.

#2 cjerrom


    Juvie Pleco

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 12:10 AM

Here is Janne's second email in response to the LDA07 potentially being an L600 as well:

Is easy to defend why it's not L600, there are no export of P. leopardus from Guyana and no fisherman from Brazil can enter Guyana to collect L600, so all exported as LDA07 is from upper Rio Branco = LDA07 at least from us, I cannot ensure that other exporters are offering for example nice looking L114 as LDA07 due the higher price and profit they would make to fool clients.

In many places people think L114 and LDA07 is the same species but is not, they have morphological differences and origin from 2 different river systems, even if these are connected the distance is ~1500km.

Best Regards

#3 kkaamm


    Adult Pleco

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 10:01 PM

Very interesting to see first time that someone is saying LDA07 is probably=L600 and LDA07 is NOT L114. It is hard for me to believe this at this time as it is commonly agreed that L114=LDA07. All the pleco books that I have all indicate L114=LDA07.

Just back from a trip to Hong Kong and have visited many plecos stores there. I was told they just recently got a huge shipment of L600s from Brazil. I saw these L600s myself and they came in different sizes. Some of them are of very high quality with almost full red tail. It is easy to distinguish a L114 from a L600 especially if they are over 6" TL. Price range for 7" is from HKD2200.00 to HKD3,000.00 depending on quality. Price for bigger ones like 12" is from HKD3500.00 to HKD4000.00. I did buy a 7" L600 50% + red tail at a special price of HKD1500.00 ( I know the owner).

#4 CanadaPleco



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Posted 15 April 2013 - 01:27 PM

Janne is a very well respected guy in the industry and knows his stuff more so then most. I tend to believe what he says.

What I find more interesting is that he says that there are prob only a few real L600 that have ever been exported from Guyana. Guess it means all the fish we currently have labelled as L600 are what is caught as LDA07 but we just call them L600 cause they look just like the pictures of them in the books.


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