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New Import From Africa Just In-5/16-LittleAfricaAquatics!

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Posted 18 May 2012 - 05:30 AM

Current Fish List For LittleAfricaAquatics.Com: 5/17/2012-Discounts are available!

Direct Africa Import Just In-5/16!

New Plecos In 5/1!

Website up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Still working on, to be finished soon!

Wild Tanganyika:

Alto. Black Congo calvus 3-5" Vivid white pearls pop off jetblack bodies, stunning fish, black as night, blue lips some monster 4-5" show males! $100.00/Pair. (37)

Alto. Chaitika White calvus 3-3.5+" Nice bright white pearly bodies, beautiful, came in really nice! $90.00/Pair. (1) (Female)

Alto. compressiceps "Goldhead" Tanzania 3-4" Bright gold mask, top compressicep, nice, some nice 4" males! $95.00/Pair. (5)

Alto. compressiceps Kagongo Yellow 3-4+" Hot big males, great color in the fins, blue in the lips, stunning! $135.00/Trio. (3)

Alto. Sumbu "Dwarf" compressiceps 1.5-2.5+"" RARE, super cool little comps, amazing! $115.00/Pair. (4) (2M 2F)

Benthochromis tricoti 6-9" Full colored huge males, simply amazing color, big, trailers, super nice! $95.00/fish. (21)

Ctenochromis horei 3-5+" Wicked color on these guys, red dots, black throats, yellows, alot going on with these beauties, excellent breeders! $75.00/Pair. (27)

Cyath. foai Sibwesa 5-6"nice colored up males, great blues, just stunning fish, big females, ready to go! $84.00/fish. (11) Cyph. frontosa Kigoma 7-Stripe 4.5-5" Nice yellow in the dorsals of these guys, cool front, nice blues! $58.00/fish. (2) (1M 1F)

Cyph. gibberosa Kitumba Blue Zaire 3.5" Came in small for mediums, but stunning deep blues, some might be ventable, really spectacular! $105.00/fish. (9)

Cyph. gibberosa Lupota Zaire Blue 4.5-6" RARE collection point, really nice deep blues, absolutely beautiful, really sweet! $175.00/fish. (8) (4M 4F)

Cyph. gibberosa Mikula Blue Zaire 5-7+" Super deep blues, really nice, great size, becoming one of the favorites Zaires, nice! $155.00/fish. (16) (8M 8F)

Cyph. gibberosa Moba Blue Zaire 3.5" Came in alittle small for mediums, but really nice color, amazing fish, some are ventable, discounted due to size! $105.00/fish. (7)

Cyph. sp. North Karilani 3.5-6" Nice front, cool band around whole head, really nice blues, beautiful front.! $45.00/fish. (7) (1M 6F)

Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza Black 4" Crazy hot micro., only 1 hot male left, nice black splotch all over back! $45.00/fish. (1) (Male)

Eret. cyan. kigoma "Orange" 2.5-3.5" WOW!, Stunning the nicest I have seen in years, bright orange in the fins, amazing glowing color, NICE! $58.00/Pair. (4)

Eret. cyan. Mabilibili 3-3.5" Finally got these guys in, really amazing goby, amazing big thick yellow to orange bands, super hot goby! $60.00/Pair. (4)

Eret. cyan. Zambian Blue Spot 2.5-3.5" Blue dots pop right off the body, nice yellow barred sides, one of the top gobies! $55.00/Pair. (20)

Julidochromis marlieri Burundi 3.5-4.5" Proven breeding pairs, super amazing color, really nice blue fringe, great pattern, show! $90.00/Pair. (6)

Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 3-3.5" Stunning yellow, really high quality proven breeding pairs, beautiful! $75.00/Pair. (6)

Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi 3-4" Great Julie., beautiful pattern, ready to breed! $75.00/Pair. (2)

Lamp. similis 1.5-2" Wicked cool shellie, nice thick stripes, the big eyed multi., really nice! $25.00/fish. (4)

Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 3-3.5" Amazing camo bodies, beautiful shellie! $55.00/Pair. (11)

Mastacembelus elipsifer eel 7-10" Came in nice and thick, big bands, super cool, good community fish, amazing color! $50.00/fish. (21)

Neolamp. brichardi daffodil Kantalamba 2.5-3.5" The top brichardi, super nice yellows! $58.00/Pair. (9)
Neolamp. brichardi Magara "Princess of Burundi" 2.5-3" Rare, hardley ever see these beauties! $45.00/Pair. (3)

Neolamp. sexfasciatus Gold Mpimbwe 3.5-4" Gold beauties, amazing yellow, nice and super healthy, ready to go! $85.00/Pair. (2)

Ophth. ventralis Kitumba 3-4" RARE, gets really amazing blues and grays, great looking pattern! $45.00/fish. (15) (Extra Males $25.00/fish.)

Ophth. ventralis Tembwe 3-4" Stunning silvers and blues, RARE ventralis, amust have for featherfin lovers! $45.00/fish. (Extra Males $28.00/fish.)

Petrochromis famula Moliro 3.5-4+" WOW, beautiful yellow bars, dont see this famula much, one of the most beautiful by far, stunning! $75.00/fish. (20) (10M 10F)

Petrochromis famula Orange Fin Kigoma 3-5" Super hot petro, orange fins, blue tails, hard to beat and not too aggressive, nice famula! $58.00/fish. (3) (Trio)

Petrochromis kazumbe Halembe 4-8" Super cool petro, amazing orange splotches all over and some nice blues on the Halembe, show amazing show males! $78.00/fish. (21) (7M 14F)

Petrochromis macrognathus Green-Yellow Nsumbu 4-8" Amazing, first time I have had the pleasure of importing these, greens and yellows and pattern on the face and so hot! $125.00/fish. (15)

Petrochromis macrognathus Katumbi Point 6-9" RARE, stunning yellows, really unquie fish you never hardley see imported, beautiful petro.! $155.00/fish. (12)

Petrochromis moshi Gold Bulu 4-8" Beautiful solid gold monsters, big bright gold males, hot! $125.00/fish. (29)

Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point 4-7" Only thing to say-Freaking show stoppers, top petro, extra females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $450.00/fish. (6) (1M 5F)

Petrochromis trewavasae Chipimbi 3-3.5+" Came in small, but healthy and hot color and good ratio, great petro.! $42.00/fish. (28) (8M 20F)
Petrochromis trewavasae Moliro 4-6" Really nice, beautiful dots all over chocolate bodies, hot petro.! $45.00/fish. (18) (6M 12F)

Simochromis babaulti Zambia 3-3.5" Really unquie Tang, beautiful males, nice red dots on the sides, some greens, blacks, great looking fish, very cool! $35.00/fish. (30) (8M 22F)

Syn. multipunctatus 3-4" Great syno., a must have for Tang. tanks! $25.00/fish. (23)

Syn. petricola 3-3.5" Amazing color and markings, the top selling Syno., super cool cat, great ratio! $34.00/fish. (4) (1M 3F)

Syn. spec. Crocodile Island 3.5-7" NEW, RARE, looks like a petricola some but even cooler, some monsters came in this import! $42.00/fish. (20)

Triglachromis otostigma 3-3.5" The Tang. mud dweller, super cool, nice metallic bodies and cool looking faces, very unquie fish! $60.00/Pair. (3)

Tropheus duboisi Maswa 3-3.5" Beautiful thick yellow bands pop off the jetblack bodies, nice blue in the face, great troph.! $32.00/fish. (18) (5M 13F)

Tropheus moorii Ilangi 3-4.5" One of the top trophs, beautiful red dorsals, yellow and orangeish sides, beautiful, great ratio! $48.00/fish. (52) (17M 35F)

Tropheus moorii Kalambo 3-4" Beautiful orange-yellow sides, really sweet tropheus! $28.00/fish. (22) (6M 16F)

Tropheus moorii Kasanga Red Rainbow 3-4" Amazing yellow sides, blood red dorsals with a nice tinge of blue, one of the top trophs, nice ratio! $30.00/fish. (57) (16M 41F)

Tropheus moorii Linangu Yellow 3-4" Bright yellow bodies, really nice, fat and healthy, great ratio! $32.00/fish. (32) (8M 24F)

Tropheus moorii Mpulungu Sunspot 3-3.5+" Came in really nice, amazing color, super healthy, one of my fav trophs, orangish-yellow sides, dots on the head, nice! $28.00/fish. (36)

Tropheus moorii Musanga Yellow 3-4" Really came in nice, bright yellow bodies, beautiful color, great troph., great ratio! $30.00/fish. (52) (11M 41F)

Tropheus sp. Black bulu Point "Cherry spot" 3-4", stunning jetblack bodies with vivid red dots, really nice! $30.00/fish. (26) (7M 19F)

Tropheus sp. Ikola 3-4" Super hot troph, nice red over the eyes with huge yellow bands on jet black bodies, really nice, great ratio! $28.00/fish (50) (15M 35F)

Tropheus sp. Red Chipimbi "Firecracker" 3-4" Amazing reds on these guys, nice and fat and healthy, look great! $30.00/fish. (21) (5M 16F)

Tropheus sp. Red Moliro 3.5-4+" bright blood reds, really nice, came in great color in the bag, sweet troph, really stunning color! $30.00/fish. (26) (8M 18F)

Tropheus moorii murago Green 3-4+" Amazing polkadotted faces, nice green bodies with great yellows, really nice, hot troph! $35.00/fish. (7) (3M 4F)

Tank Raised Tanganyika:

F1 Alto. Black Congo calvus 1" The darkest calvus gets jetblack perfect white pearls on their sides, blue lips, super nice! $10.00/fish. (12)

F1 Alto. Black Coal Nangu compressicep 1" Cool comp, gets nice dark black color, really unquie comp.! $10.00/fish. (27)

F1 Alto. Chaitika White calvus 1-1.25" bright white bodies with perfect pearls all over, nice! $10.00/fish. (25)

F1 Alto. Inkfin calvus 1" Hottest calvus there is, top strand, hot! $12.00/fish. (36)

F1 Alto. Kipili Zebra calvus 1-1.5" Really cool calvus, nice color! $10.00/fish. (38)

F1 Alto. Red Lufubu compressicep 1" Gets amazing red in the fins, really stunning comp.! $10.00/fish. (22)

F1 Alto. Sumbu Shell Dwarf compressicep 1" Rare, super cool dwarf, gets amazing orange in the fins, really unquie! $18.00/fish. (14)

F1 Alto. Yellow calvus 1" Super nice calvus, nice yellow, hard to beat! $10.00/fish. (12)

F1 Aulonocranus dewindti 2-2.5" Nice size, super cool, gets hot yellows and blues, unquie fish! $15.00/fish. (16)

F1 Chalinochromis brichardi "Masked" 1.5-2" Cool white cichlid with nice black mask, really nice! $10.00/fish. (6)

F1 Cunningtonia longiventralis Sumbu 1.5-2" Wow, super cool featherfin, just dont see these often, really amazing! $18.75/fish. (8)

F1 Cyph. frontosa Kigoma 7 Stripe 1" Solid front, gets really nice blues, dark black stripes, really nice strand! $12.75/fish. (8)

F1 Cyph. gibberosa Mpimbwe Blue 1.5-2" Great blues, really nice strand! $15.75/fish. (15)

F1 Cyph. sp. North Kavalla Yellow Congo 1-1.5" Amazing front gets hot yellow with nice blues, really nice! $15.00/fish. (4)

F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kavalla Island 2.5-3+"" RARE, amazing also known as Kibishi, full color, hot! $45.00/Pair. (4) (2M 2F)

F1 Eretmodus cyan. Blue Spot Zambian 1" Blue dots pop of body, nice yellow bars in the sides one of the top gobies! $15.00/fish. (10)

F1 Eretmodus cyan. Kigoma Orange 2-2.5" Super hot color, nice orange in the fins, sub adult size, nice! $15.00/fish. (13)

F1 Gnathochromis permaxillaris 4" RARE, super cool shovel nosed fish, truely amazing! $85.00/fish. (1) (Female)

F1 Julidochromis marlieri burundi 1.5-2" Great julie, nice size, solid julie, great pattern! $10.00/fish. (6)

F1 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 1.5-2" Nice size, bright yellow, super hot Julie.! $10.00/fish. (13)

F1 Julidochromis regani Kipili 1-1.5" Brillant yellow bodies, top julie, super yellow color! $10.00/fish. (35)

F1 Julidochromis transcriptus Bemba 1.5-2" Super nice pattern, beautiful color, nice julie.! $10.00/fish. (26)

F1 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi 1.5-2" good size, nice color, great strand! $10.00/fish. (8)

F1 Lamp. similis 1"- Super cool little shellie, gets nice thick lines, a must have! $12.75/fish. (21)

F1 Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 1.5-2" Super cool camoed shellie, nice size! $12.00/fish. (12)

F1 Lepidiolamprologus sp. meeli Kipili 1" Really cool little shellie you dont see much, very nice! $10.00/fish. (20)

F1 Neolamp. buescheri Kachese 1-1.5" Nice buescheri, good blue in the dorsal, great pattern in the body! $15.00/fish. (21)

F1 Neolamp. caudopunctatus Redfin Kapampa 1-2.5" Big, bright red dorsals, gorgeous fish, sub-adults, some left nice size! $12.00/fish. (15)

F1 Neolamp. cylindricus 2-2.5” Nice color, really cool Tang.! $10.00/fish. (9)

F1 Neolamp. daffodil Kantalamba brichardi 1.5-2" Amazing yellow, the hottest local for daffodil, really nice! $10.00/fish. (36)
F1 Neolamp. helianthus Yellow Congo 1-1.5+" Super yellow, great fish! $10.00/fish. (20)

F1 Neolamp. leleupi 2-2.5" Flawless strain, yellow gold, no black just bright yellow beautiues! $12.50/fish. (28)

F1 Neolamp. leleupi 2.5-3.5" Flawless, perfect bright yellow, vented hot pairs! $36.00/Pair. (8)
F1 Neolamp. longicaudatus 1.5" RARE, very unquie Tang., a must have! $16.00/fish. (18)

F1 Neolamp. nigraventris 1-1.5" RARE, unquie to toned beauty, torpedo shaped beauties! $18.75/fish. (4)

F1 Neolamp. tetracanthus "Yellowfin" 4.5-6.5" Stunning yellow in the fins, beautiful beast, great markings! $60.00/Pair. (2)

F1 Neolamp. tretocephalus 1.5-2.5+" Super nice blues, great looking fish, good size, a must have for Tang. lovers! $12.00/fish. (35)

F1 Ophth. ventralis Longola "Sunflower" 2-2.5+" Stunning featherfin, already amazing color, full colored males displaying! $21.00/fish. (8)

F1 Petrochromis ephippium "Saddleback" 1-1.5" juvies are showing bright gold color right now, really nice looking, cool as a adult too! $24.00/fish. (9)

F1 Petrochromis famula Nkondwe Yellow 1" RARE, first time I have ever had these, amazing purples and yellows, cool! $21.00/fish. (25 Growing)

F1 Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point 1-1.5" Super hot, one of the top Tangs going right now! $64.00/fish. (OUT)

F1 Petrochromis famula Tembwe Texas 1.5-2" Really cool little petro, gets vivid silver body, unquie color! $18.75/fish. (24)

F1 Pseudosimochromis curvifrons 1.5-2" RARE, cool fish, hard to come by, get beautiful color! $24.75/fish. (14)

F1 Syn. multipunctatus 1.5-2" Super cool little cats, beautiful silver bodies with black, swim like little sharks! $15.75/fish. (13)

F1 Tanganicodus irsacae Ikola 2-2.5" Beautiful blue dots, great looking goby, really nice color! $18.00/fish. (5)

F1 Telematochromis brichardi Mikinga 2.5-3.5+" Super cool Tang., Julie like body, shellie like face, really unique, breeding size! $12.75/fish. (34)

F1 Tropheus duboisi Maswa 1.5-2+" Great polkadotted juvies., getting hot yellow bands, a great troph.! $12.50/fish. (50)

F1 Tropheus moorii Ilangi Yellow "Nkamba Bay" 1" The real deal, amazing color, top troph! $18.75/fish. (35)

F1 Tropheus moorii Mbita Yellow Sunspot 1.5-2" Super nice troph shows great yellow sides, really nice! $15.00/fish. (26)

F1 Tropheus moorii Murago Green 1-1.5" Cool speckled faces, green troph, hard to beat! $15.00/fish. (4)

F1 Tropheus moorii Musanga Yellow 1" Amazing yellow troph, really beautiful, one of the best yellows! $15.00/fish. (15)

F1 Tropheus moorii Namansi Green Rainbow 1.5" Super hot new cool troph, hot green color, nice! $15.00/fish. (8)

F1 Tropheus moorii Purple Lufubu 1" Stunning troph, amazing strand here, one of the top trophs.! $15.00/fish. (15)

F1 Tropheus sp. Black Rutunga "Red Saddle" 2-2.5" Good size, nice red in the body, really pops off the black, good looking troph., starting to breed! $18.00/fish. (20)

F1 Tropheus sp. Red Firecracker Moliro 1" Gets vivid red, in my opinion the best red troph.! $15.00/fish. (8)

F1 Variabilichromis moorii 1.5-2" Cool Tang., gold babies turn into beautiful black adults with blue around the fringe of the fins, unquie shape like saltwater angel! $12.50/fish. (25)

Wild Malawian:

Aul. koningsi Mbenji Island Blue Regal Peacock 3.5-4" Bright blue body, breeding pair, super nice! $75.00/Pair. (2)

Aul. maulana Chitimba Bay Bi Color 500 3.5-4" Vivid purplish-blue color with hot yellow rings! $75.00/Pair. (4)

Aul. sp. Blue Neon Undu Point 3-4" Great yellow and blues, really hot peacock! $80.00/Pair. (23) (16M 7F)

Aul. sp. Ngara Flametail 3-4" Wicked purple bodies, hot flame tails, a must have! $95.00/Pair. (12)

Aul. sp. Red Top Lwanda Hai Reef 3-3.5" Top peacock, great pueples, nice color! $85.00/Pair. (16) (Extra Males)

Tank Raised Malawian:

F1 Aul. Kandeensis "The Blue Orchid" 1.5" Amazing blue peacock, gets really nice color! $10.00/fish. (2)

Farm Cyrtocara moorii "The Blue Dolphin" 3.5-4" Beautiful blues, nice big males, great color! $95.00/Trio. (1)
F1 Placidochromis electra Undu "Deep Water Hap" 2.5-3.5" Cool fish, nice blues and dark black stripes! $12.50/fish. (19)

F1 Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan "Taiwan Reef" 3.5-6" Amazing blue on the males, lots of extra females, females spawning, nice! $28.00/fish. (14)

F1 Pseudotropheus demasoni Pombo Rocks 2.5-3.5" Vivid dark blues, amazing color, good size, breeding! $18.75/fish. (19)


Hypancistrus White Inspector L201 3-5" Really nice pleco, beautiful big white dots alll over, good pleco to breed, some big 4-5" ones just in! $28.00/fish. (26)

Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias "Galaxy Vampire pleco" L07 3-3.5" Super cool, beautiful dots, very unquie! $48.00/fish. (11)

Leporancanthicus triactis "The Bloodfin Three Beacon Pleco L91 3-4" RARE, hot redish-orange on the fins, black dots all over gray body of armour, wicked cool pleco! $75.00/fish. (10)

Panaque albomaculatus "The Mustard Spot Pleco" LDA31 3.5-4" Bright vivid orange dots pop off body, nice lone trailers, big tails! $40.00/fish. (10)

Panaque cf. nigrolineatus "Broken Stripe Royal Pleco" L191 3-3.5" One of my all tiem favorites, beautiful red eyes, great patterns, super cool! $25.00/fish. (19)

Panaque cf. nigrolineatus Watermelon Pleco L330 6-8+" One of my favs, amazing thick huge monsters, red eyes, yellow circle pattern all over! $75.00/fish. (8)

Peckoltia Sp. Colombia Zebra Pleco L129 2-3.5" Beautiful zebra striped plecos, very popular, nice! $21.00/fish. (17)

Peckoltia Sp. Gold Tiger Pleco LDA01 2.5" Vivid stripes, beautiful color and contrast, super nice! $25.00/fish. (9)

Pseudocanthicus cf. leopardus "Leopard cactus Redfin Pleco" L114 2" Not offered very often, super cool pleco, crazy leopard pattern, red fins, hot! $50.00/fish. (35)


Pseudoplatystoma Fasciatus "Tiger Shovelnose" 2.5-3" One of the coolest cats there is, awesome markings in the body and amazing shovel head, super cool! $25.00/fish. (5)


Over the years we found that some of the fish foods had went to more filler than quality ingredients. So we started having a higher quality food made fresh for us and our breeding stock. When customers purchase our Trophs and Petros the biggest concern is not altering their diets to quickly. We started out just having this food made for our fish, but now with demand we are offering it to you the customer also.

New Just in, Spirulina Intense, first ingredient is spirulina, not filler like most. This is in my opinion the highest quality spirulina on the market. Once you go to the intense you will never go back. It is the only flake I feed my trophs and petros. We have it made fresh, your fish will love this deep green spirulina rich food.

Spirulina Intense: ½ lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

New Just in, High grade spirulina disc, great for Trophs and Petros to graze on. We have found over the years that the disc offer a more natural way for Trophs and Petros to feed by getting face to face and grazing on them. They seem to keep them entertained for longer and strengthen the group dynamics by forcing close contact during grazing. They also keep the teeth down, less battered fins, better group dynamic. Works well with alternating flake every other day.

Spirulina disc: ½ lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

Dont see what your looking for, just ask we will find it.

If you have any questions you can email me at LittleAfricaAquatics@hotmail.com or call (502)637-3495, Greg.

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